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Sports BSCA

Come to Berean Academy and join the BCSA. What is the BCSA? It is the Berean Council of Student Athletes. The Council is made up of students that attend Berean Academy or home-schooled students that play at Berean.

  • Fundraise for sports to assist our school board through these tough economic times.

  • Help plan for upcoming events throughout the school year.

  • Make decisions on equipment and uniforms needed for teams.

  • Build student profiles and resumes for colleges.

  • Find help for athletes that need assistance in the classroom.

  • Promote teamwork and good sports ethics.


  • Motivation
  • Responsibility
  • Must maintain a 70% average in all subjects
  • Good classroom behavior
  • Come and become part of the Berean Bond!

A copy of the Scholar Athlete Contract can be picked up at the school office.